Vierde bijeenkomst Systeem Denkers: Deming

Ook Deming is een systeemdenker. Tijdens de vierde bijeenkomst van de vereniging voor Systeem Denkers is het thema Deming. Het systeem van Deming zal worden uitgelegd en er zal een live video verbinding zijn met Bill Bellows van de NASA over hoe hij het systeem van Deming gebruikt. 

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De logistieke details van deze bijzondere bijeenkomst zijn:

Datum: vrijdag 13 december 2019

Tijd: 12-17 uur. Ontvangst met lunch om 12 uur. Om 13 uur begint de bijeenkomst.

Locatie: Kantoor DoITogether, Businesspark de Hagen,  Hagenweg 3c, 4131 LX Vianen


Bill Bellows is 30+ year specialist in the fields of Quality and Engineering Management. In addition to his role as Adjunct Professor for California State University, Northridge and Southern Utah University, he serves as President of InThinking Services, partnering with clients to facilitate both the understanding and application of the Deming Philosophy and integrating this philosophy within a greater framework of “better thinking about thinking,” a concept known as “InThinking.” His career includes 26 years of employment with Rocketdyne, the world’s premier liquid rocket engine company, providing leadership for “InThinking.” In addition to extensive application experience in the continual improvement of Rocketdynes products, processes, and services, these efforts included the design of a highly integrated curriculum of 200+ hours of learning events, known as An InThinking Roadmap.

Upon retiring Rocketdyne in 2016, Bill joined the The W. Edwards Deming Institute® for 2.5-years as Deputy Director to share his lessons learned within a worldwide Deming community. Today, as a member of The Deming Institute’s Advisory Council, he continues to tirelessly coach, mentor, facilitate, and advocate for the Institute’s aim. 

Audiences for Bill’s presentations and seminars have reached after-school programs in elementary schools, graduate students at Northwestern University, as well as corporate, university, and public classes across the United Kingdom. Bill earned his BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. In addition to his employment by Rocketdyne, Bill worked as a heat transfer engineer in the gas turbine industry for Textron Lycoming in Stratford, Connecticut. In this role, he gained experience as an in-house problemsolving consultant, facilitator, and instructor, working in critical Engineering-Manufacturing Task Forces.   

Away from work, Bill serves as chairman of the Deming Medal Committee for the American Society of Quality. He was also the founding president of the In2:InThinking Network, a position he held from 2001 through 2016.   He lives in Santa Clarita, California with wife, Monica. 

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